Causes of dry and broken lips:

Dry lips are caused by a loss of water that evaporates from the epidermis leaving it dehydrated and prone to breakage with anti-aesthetic and annoying cuts.
The area around the lips is affected by the dryness and wrinkles and lines can form easily.
It’s easy to heal dry lips, while broken lips are more serious and can get swollen and red, itch and even bleed.

Internal causes for broken lips are:
  • atopic dermatitis (most common), dry and weak skin associated to respiratory and dietary allergies
  • nutrient deficiency, especially for vitamins B and C, can dry all the mucosae including the lips. A healthy and balanced diet is thus important, and fresh vegetables and fruit should bring all the necessary vitamins to our body
  • infections from viruses, bacteria or fungus: it’s necessary to stop using all the cosmetic products that can spread the infection in the surrounding area
  • dehydration: drinking is fundamental to keep the lips and mucosae hydrated, and it’s better to avoid smoking as it can lead to dehydration
  • medication: some drugs, for example those used against acne, diuretic, anxiolytic and antidepressant can cause severe skin dryness.
External causes for broken lips are:
  • weather conditions: cold, heat, temperature leaps, wind and sun rays can cause dehydrated and broken lips
  • cold and fever: flu can cause a general dehydration that affects the lips as well as the whole body. Moreover, rubbing a napkin against your nose when you have a cold can irritate the skin
  • licking and biting the lips can cause saliva to remove the thin hydrolipidic film of the lips
  • allergic dermatitis caused by aggressive soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash or lipsticks. It’s essential to avoid poor quality products around the lips that can contain irritating ingredients
  • playing flutes or trumpets can irritate the lips

Anyway, the main causes are environmental and climatic.

Preventing dry and broken lips:

Healing already broken lips can be difficult, but acting to prevent them requires a few but constant precautions:

  • a balanced diet rich of vitamins and iron, that can be found in fresh vegetables and fruit, and in legumes and dry fruits. Iron can be more easily absorbed if consumed with vitamin C.
  • an external hydration, with chapstick and natural lip balms with a nourishing, hydrating and protective action
  • an internal hydration, drinking at least 2l of water or tea without sugar. Beverages rich in sugar should be avoided because they subtract water from the body instead of hydrating it
  • choosing high quality makeup and cosmetic products with natural ingredients to avoid dehydration and breakages
  • avoid biting your lips thus creating irritations and breakages difficult to heal

Suggested products against dry and broken lips