Does your skin show stretch mark?

Stretch marks, or strie distensae, are one of the most common beauty problems for women (and men as well): they are epidermic striping on breast, gluteus, tighs, hips and belly. They are actual scars due to the breakage of elastic fibers in the dermis. The most common cause is a quick change in weight (because of pregnancy or of a sudden weight loss), associated with a scarce skin elasticity that won’t allow the skin itself to adapt to its new volume. They’re the final phase of a post-tension distension of the connective tissue.

Their formation comes in three phases:

Inflammatory phase

fibroblasts stop the production of elastin and collagen transforming the dermis. There are usually no symptoms, except sometimes itch and burning sensation.

Regenerative phase

the first reddish stripings appear. In this phase it’s still possible to intervene with treatments for a complete healing.

Scarring phase

new elastic fibers are formed and the damaged tissues are regenerated transforming the stripings in actual irreversible scars that get white in color with time. In this phase treatments can only attenuate the problem.

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